Newsletter #22 April 12, 2021

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I trust you and yours are staying safe and healthy.  We are continuing to provide the same level of disinfecting the office that we did before the vaccination release (see prior newsletters).  It is safe to get your dental treatment (unless you are a dental phobic, then no time is “safe”, and we love you anyway).

I was so very grateful to get the Covid-19 vaccination.  I didn’t realize the level of my low-grade anxiety until I felt tremendous relief after being vaccinated.  In the flu pandemic of 1918, 1/3 of the world’s population (500 million) got sick, and 50 million died (it was a new virus).  Our world population now is 7.9 billion people.  Which, using the same numbers for this current pandemic, would mean 2.6 billion people could get Covid-19 and 260 million could die.  As of right now, we have had 2.9 million deaths worldwide.  Thank goodness, we have slowed the spread of this new virus, and we can slow it even more by being vaccinated and achieving herd immunity.

Some of the major reasons to get vaccinated are:

  1. To protect yourself from getting a severe case of Covid-19 or dying.
  2. To protect all the children, elderly and immune-suppressed people that can’t get vaccinated.
  3. To slow the spread of all the forms of this virus.
  4. To possibly reverse some long hauler symptoms.
  5. To protect all our “essential” workers – from health care providers to our grocery clerks.
  6. To reopen all businesses safely so our economy and our lives can get back on track!!!
  7. To fully reopen all the schools and daycare so parents can return to work.
  8. And to crush this bug we need to ALL work together!!! Do it for the team!! And it’s FREE!!!

I, for one, believe in vaccines.  They are amazing medical breakthroughs and are our friends. I lost my hearing in my right ear from the mumps (pre-vaccine).   In 1958, before the measles vaccine, 763,000 died in the U.S., and 42 years later, the measles was pretty much gone.  In the past few years, since many kids are not getting the vaccine, measles has made a comeback and we are currently at the highest level in 25 years.* Do we want that with Covid-19? All that said, I strongly suggest you get the Covid-19 vaccine. It is available to everyone in California on April 15. Encourage all your family and friends to do the same wherever they may live.

I understand that many people have concerns, and I will try to address some here.

  1. I am healthy, I never get sick. I am young.

This is a NEW virus; EVERYONE will eventually get it, including YOU. (sorry)

Death rate** is hugely different from death risk***.

  1. Is it safe? Can I trust it?

Even though it was developed very fast, these vaccines had to follow the same safety protocols as every other vaccine or drug.  mRNA has been around for over 10 years, and will be the way of vaccines in the future (quicker and less expensive to make, and it doesn’t mess with your DNA).  It is incredible what can be accomplished when scientists share their information, red tape is slashed, there is access to tons of money, and there are thousands of volunteers for clinical trials.  (BTW President Trump got his vaccination in January.)

  1. I am allergic to vaccines or I have an autoimmune disease.

Don’t get the vaccine and pray that everyone else does.

Whether or not you choose to be vaccinated against COVID-19 represents a personal choice. However, in order to make an informed decision, please access reliable data backed by science.