Newsletter #24 September 12

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We are open and have numerous protocols in place to keep our office a very safe place to be (see prior newsletters).  I apologize for the long wait for an appointment for your teeth cleaning. Our schedule changes, and if you are flexible, we may be able to move your appointment to an earlier date.  That said, on to my Coronavirus mini update (BTW, the last paragraph will be non-COVID-19 stuff, for those of you who are DONE with Covid information.)

It has been shown by many studies that the coronavirus vaccines not only prevent people from getting sick from Covid but are extraordinarily effective in reducing the transmission of Covid by those who do get infected after immunization. The vaccinated person who gets infected doesn’t develop the same viral load as an unvaccinated person (because their bodies are prepared to fight it).  The viral load (quantity of virus present in your body) needs to be at a certain level to be able to spread to another.  Being vaccinated not only protects yourself but also protects everyone around you.  Especially our children, who cannot be vaccinated.  The question then becomes “How many people would you harm if you don’t get vaccinated?”  Think of how many people you come in contact with on a daily basis, and how many people you have contact with, etc.  You can see how the spread can mushroom.  Even if you are vehemently opposed to getting the Covid vaccine, take one for the team and protect our children. Please. Masks and social distancing help, but they aren’t enough*.

Many people believe getting vaccinated is a personal choice. I assume that they just don’t understand that with a novel (new) virus – NO ONE has any immunity. And to achieve the holy grail of herd immunity, EVERYONE will either get Covid or be vaccinated.  I do believe that certain vaccinations are a personal choice, for example, the vaccinations for pneumonia, shingles, HPV, and some others**.  Because if you get any of these diseases you are extremely unlikely to pass them on to another, unlike the Delta variant where you could infect five to nine people! And unvaccinated people are 11 times more likely to die from Covid, than someone who has been vaccinated***.  Scary but true.

In an Israeli study of over one million people over 60, 12 days after the Pfizer coronavirus booster shot the risk of infection dropped by 11-fold and the risk of severe disease by 10-fold, with a 5-fold continued protection. All I can say is WOW! Get the booster shot as soon as you qualify****.

Once again, I returned home from visiting my daughter in Seattle with a suitcase full of books.  I think I need to find a 12-step program for people who have abibliophobia. I hate to admit it but right now, I have more books (physical and virtual, not to mention audiobooks) than any sane woman could read (or listen to) in her lifetime. If you love to read and are fugal, get the Libby library app.  You just need a library card, and you have access to oodles of eBooks AND audiobooks.  I download the books to my Kindle and listen to the audiobooks on my phone.  The Libby audio interface is very easy to use.  And check out our Little Free Library. It’s a wonderful way for you to pass on your unwanted books and find new favorites.  Stay safe and sane. And vote, they all count!