Do You Have Abibliophobia? It Can Be Expensive to Treat.

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I admit that I am not phobia free.  I detest cockroaches, even though I believe they will survive even a nuclear holocaust (along with sharks).  I find spiders very creepy and don’t want them on my body or in my house.  I am fine with them outside (50,000 per acre), they do a great job. But stay out of my house!!  My daughter, when she was young, was the patron saint of spiders.  Any that she found in the house, she would humanely capture and release outside.  Now that she lives in Seattle, she has changed her tune to mine.  We parents, if we live long enough, get satisfaction in small victories like that.

I consider myself to be a fairly well-balanced person (just don’t ask any of my exes).  I try to eat healthy, be kind to others and floss my teeth regularly (like you, not as often as I should). I randomly exercise and always vote (I must get brownie points somewhere for that!).