Patient Products

Dr. Ginger Hansen and our team are proud to offer a variety of dental products in Vista, California, for the benefit of each patient. When you come to our office, our dentist will let you know if any of our products could benefit you and your smile. We invite you to contact our dental office at 760-940-0366 today to learn more and book your next visit.

  • Enamelon – Fights against caries, gingivitis and dry mouth. This product also provides sensitivity relief.
  • Epic Mints – Prevents dry mouth and cavities.
  • Allday™ – Prevents dry mouth.
  • Oxyfresh® Toothpaste – Prevents bad breath.
  • Oxyfresh® Rinse – Prevents bad breath.
  • Chlorhexedine – Treats gingivitis (swollen and bleeding gums).
  • Periogen® – Prevents and reduces tartar buildup.
  • MI Paste® – Water-based, sugar-free cream that helps rebuild the surface of the teeth.
  • Loloz™ – lollipops and mints – Reduces cavities, gum disease and bad breath
  • Extra Soft Colgate Toothbrush – For those with sensitive teeth and gum recession.
  • Teeth Whitening – Strips, custom trays, laser.