To Mask or Not to Mask, That Is the Question. . . Really???

I just 86'ed my first patient from my practice for refusing to wear a mask when in my office. He said it wasn’t a political but a personal choice and that he felt healthy and saw no point in wearing one. When I gave him a mask, he put it on but wrong; under his nose not over his nose.... read more »

I’ve Been Caspered!!!

I know, I KNOW, the correct verb is to ghost. Like in I ghost, you ghost, he/she/it ghosts. I just learned this new word since I started online dating. I was sitting next to a young woman who was lamenting on her last date who “ghosted” her and then I knew. I had been ghosted too. Multiple times. I am... read more »

The Life and Death of Permanent First Molar

Age 6 Yay! Brand new tooth. Gets a sealant to prevent a cavity. ($50) Age 10 Lost the sealant, eats lots of candy, has a chewing surface cavity, filling placed ($170) Age 16 Brushing better but doesn’t floss teeth, has flossing cavity, bigger filling placed ($280) Age 24 Still doesn’t floss, has new flossing cavity; filling is even bigger ($340)... read more »

Quieting the Squirrel Mind and Reduce Anxiety

My dad was a psychologist, so I started reading some of his psych books from the time I was a teenager. And since I had issues (like everyone else in the world!), and since I had no stigma against therapy (it’s not so much I’m OK and You’re OK, it is more like I’m a bit crazy and so are... read more »

Fractured Nursery Rhymes #2

Mary had a baby tooth Its roots had gone away. Every day she wiggled it Until in her hand, it lay. ‘Neath her pillow it did lie White and pearly shining, Waiting for a fairy light While all its buds were dining. So fast asleep Mary went Dreams of prizes coming. The tooth fairy stealthy came A coin she left,... read more »

Fractured Nursery Rhymes #1

One, Two, Where’s the glue?* Three, Four, Brush some more. Five, Six, A tooth to fix. Seven, Eight, Pain can’t wait. Nine, Ten, NOT AGAIN!!!! *denture adhesive to keep them in

Is Your Tooth Worth a Million Dollars?

In one research study, people were asked how much money would they want to have a perfect upper front tooth extracted?  Most decided that their tooth was worth, yep, $1,000,000!  Yet, these same people may not be willing to spend any money to keep that million-dollar tooth in their mouth. Dentistry can seem expensive in the moment but when you... read more »

I Vant Your Blood . . .

We all have roughly nine pints of blood in our bodies, which is why vampires get so annoyed with us for being stingy about giving a little bit up to them.  According to books I have read, when vampires suck our blood it is pleasurable for us. Like eating really really good chocolate. But I am digressing. We humans have... read more »

Do You Have Abibliophobia? It Can Be Expensive to Treat.

I admit that I am not phobia free.  I detest cockroaches, even though I believe they will survive even a nuclear holocaust (along with sharks).  I find spiders very creepy and don’t want them on my body or in my house.  I am fine with them outside (50,000 per acre), they do a great job. But stay out of my... read more »

You Killed Grandma! Or Social Distancing 101

I am sure most of you are either freaking out about the coronavirus or the opposite extreme of “It won’t happen to me because I am young and healthy”.* The truth is that there is no need to freak out if precautions are taken by everyone; no matter your age, health, socioeconomic status, and beliefs. We already have 2 lab-confirmed... read more »