Newsletter #24 September 12

We are open and have numerous protocols in place to keep our office a very safe place to be (see prior newsletters).  I apologize for the long wait for an appointment for your teeth cleaning. Our schedule changes, and if you are flexible, we may be able to move your appointment to an earlier date.  That said, on to my... read more »

Newsletter #23 July 14, 2021

Just a reminder, we are open. We are continuing to follow the sanitizing protocols we established last year (see prior newsletters). You are still required to wear a mask when inside the office even if you are vaccinated, except when getting treatment (I do like to state the obvious). We are also requesting you to sanitize your hands BEFORE entering... read more »

Newsletter #22 June 8, 2021

Even though Covid-19 restrictions are easing, we are still doing all the precautions that we did before (see prior newsletters).  Right now, we still require mask-wearing in the office, whether you are vaccinated or not.  We will lift that restriction once we hit 75% vaccination rate in our area*. We are all so excited about so many people getting vaccinated!!! ... read more »

Newsletter #22 April 12, 2021

I trust you and yours are staying safe and healthy.  We are continuing to provide the same level of disinfecting the office that we did before the vaccination release (see prior newsletters).  It is safe to get your dental treatment (unless you are a dental phobic, then no time is “safe”, and we love you anyway). I was so very... read more »

Newsletter #21 March 11, 2021

Yes, I do keep saying it. We are open. And we are a safe place to be. We do numerous things to keep everyone safe: all of our regular pre-Covid infection control protocol plus our current Covid respiratory protocol (an hour between patients in every room plus cold fogging and disinfecting, HEPA filters, HVE’s for aerosols, closing doors during treatment,... read more »

Newsletter #20 February 1, 2021

We are open and we exceed the sanitation recommendations of the CDC and the CDA to keep you (and us) safe from the coronavirus and from the new and more contagious one (read earlier newsletters to get all the nitty-gritty details, lol).  My staff and I have received our first vaccine shot and are looking forward to the second one. ... read more »

To Mask or Not to Mask, That Is the Question. . . Really???

I just 86'ed my first patient from my practice for refusing to wear a mask when in my office. He said it wasn’t a political but a personal choice and that he felt healthy and saw no point in wearing one. When I gave him a mask, he put it on but wrong; under his nose not over his nose.... read more »

I’ve Been Caspered!!!

I know, I KNOW, the correct verb is to ghost. Like in I ghost, you ghost, he/she/it ghosts. I just learned this new word since I started online dating. I was sitting next to a young woman who was lamenting on her last date who “ghosted” her and then I knew. I had been ghosted too. Multiple times. I am... read more »

The Life and Death of Permanent First Molar

Age 6 Yay! Brand new tooth. Gets a sealant to prevent a cavity. ($50) Age 10 Lost the sealant, eats lots of candy, has a chewing surface cavity, filling placed ($170) Age 16 Brushing better but doesn’t floss teeth, has flossing cavity, bigger filling placed ($280) Age 24 Still doesn’t floss, has new flossing cavity; filling is even bigger ($340)... read more »

Quieting the Squirrel Mind and Reduce Anxiety

My dad was a psychologist, so I started reading some of his psych books from the time I was a teenager. And since I had issues (like everyone else in the world!), and since I had no stigma against therapy (it’s not so much I’m OK and You’re OK, it is more like I’m a bit crazy and so are... read more »