I’ve Been Caspered!!!

I know, I KNOW, the correct verb is to ghost. Like in I ghost, you ghost, he/she/it ghosts. I just learned this new word since I started online dating. I was sitting next to a young woman who was lamenting on her last date who “ghosted” her and then I knew. I had been ghosted too. Multiple times. I am... read more »

The Life and Death of Permanent First Molar

Age 6 Yay! Brand new tooth. Gets a sealant to prevent a cavity. ($50) Age 10 Lost the sealant, eats lots of candy, has a chewing surface cavity, filling placed ($170) Age 16 Brushing better but doesn’t floss teeth, has flossing cavity, bigger filling placed ($280) Age 24 Still doesn’t floss, has new flossing cavity; filling is even bigger ($340)... read more »

Quieting the Squirrel Mind and Reduce Anxiety

My dad was a psychologist, so I started reading some of his psych books from the time I was a teenager. And since I had issues (like everyone else in the world!), and since I had no stigma against therapy (it’s not so much I’m OK and You’re OK, it is more like I’m a bit crazy and so are... read more »

Fractured Nursery Rhymes #2

Mary had a baby tooth Its roots had gone away. Every day she wiggled it Until in her hand, it lay. ‘Neath her pillow it did lie White and pearly shining, Waiting for a fairy light While all its buds were dining. So fast asleep Mary went Dreams of prizes coming. The tooth fairy stealthy came A coin she left,... read more »

Fractured Nursery Rhymes #1

One, Two, Where’s the glue?* Three, Four, Brush some more. Five, Six, A tooth to fix. Seven, Eight, Pain can’t wait. Nine, Ten, NOT AGAIN!!!! *denture adhesive to keep them in

Is Your Tooth Worth a Million Dollars?

In one research study, people were asked how much money would they want to have a perfect upper front tooth extracted?  Most decided that their tooth was worth, yep, $1,000,000!  Yet, these same people may not be willing to spend any money to keep that million-dollar tooth in their mouth. Dentistry can seem expensive in the moment but when you... read more »

I Vant Your Blood . . .

We all have roughly nine pints of blood in our bodies, which is why vampires get so annoyed with us for being stingy about giving a little bit up to them.  According to books I have read, when vampires suck our blood it is pleasurable for us. Like eating really really good chocolate. But I am digressing. We humans have... read more »

Do You Have Abibliophobia? It Can Be Expensive to Treat.

I admit that I am not phobia free.  I detest cockroaches, even though I believe they will survive even a nuclear holocaust (along with sharks).  I find spiders very creepy and don’t want them on my body or in my house.  I am fine with them outside (50,000 per acre), they do a great job. But stay out of my... read more »

Pain, Pain, Go Away, Come Again…No Wait!!!

Hey, I lost my filling (or my tooth broke) and it hurt for a bit but now it feels fine, so everything is ok, right? Wrong. Sorry to burst your balloon, but when it comes to teeth, no pain doesn’t mean no problem. The filling may have come out (or the tooth broke) because there was already a big cavity... read more »

Lions & Tigers & Gummy Bears, Oh, My…

Do lions and tigers and bears get cavities? Rarely. But not like we humans do. Diet is a huge part of getting (or not getting) cavities. You may have gotten really strong white teeth from your grandma (not the wolf, haha), and your dad showed you the precise technique for keeping your teeth clean because father knows best. But is... read more »