Online Dating – to Smile or Not to Smile

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As a few of you know, I am dipping my toes into the arena of online dating. And you may ask, “What does this have to do with dentistry?” Truthfully, not much, except I am a dentist, and I do notice smiles. Fake, real and everything in between. I am continually amazed when I look at the photos of the men on the site. I was taught to look my best to make a good first impression, which included smiling. But a good percentage of these men clearly didn’t listen to their mothers and are not smiling. My favorite smile so far is John’s, whose teeth are slightly crooked and aren’t movie star white because his smile shows in his eyes.

I have found that when people don’t smile, it can either be because there is something about their smile that they don’t like, or they have nothing to smile about. As someone once said, “Eyes are the doorways into the soul,” but I need to add to the phrase, “…and smiles light them up.”

If you are ashamed about your smile, we can transform it. We want you to love your smile. Sometimes, all that is needed is a good professional cleaning and a little bit of whitening. If your teeth are crowded and jumbled, we can straighten them in six to nine months. There are also dental veneers and crowns available. It may not be as expensive as you may think!

I just know that if a man is not smiling in his photo, I really don’t want to meet him. A smile is a gift we not only give others, but we give it to ourselves, too.

Smile today!

If you can’t or won’t, call us at 760-940-0366, and we can figure out what you need so you can smile every day at any time. Smile in Vista, CA, by visiting our team today so you can show off your teeth on any date!